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Sydney Testimonials


1) Preventative Medicine?

I have to say I am a skeptic. I don’t know a chakra from a kundalini, but when a pal of mine who also has two feet rooted in terra firma raved about Sydney and said I must have a reading I thought, why not?

I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what I would need to volunteer in the way of background for her to do her thing. As it turned out, I just gave my name and Sydney was off and running. She told me more about myself than even I, in my deepest private thoughts, knew. These were not generalities that could apply to anyone, they were my own personal trials and tribulations, hopes and dared-to-dream dreams.

Sydney knew that I was concerned about my daughter’s health. She predicted that she would have relief from her crippling back problem and mentioned a digestive concern that had not yet materialized. Having a warning of the stomach problem helped my daughter nip it in the bud. Although Sydney insisted, “I am not a doctor”, she was certainly more savvy and reassuring than most conventional medicos. How did she "read" my daughter through me? That’s a pretty powerful gift!

Sydney saw it all, and described my life much as one narrates a movie unfolding. I was astounded. There was my mother, deceased since 1986, wearing her favorite hat, its brim narrower in back than in front and adorned with flowers. How did she know that? And the way Sydney imparted these details, like chatting with your best girlfriend at a slumber party. I was hearing the most miraculous revelations in the most “normal” manner. Amazing!  Sydney’s reading gave me the confidence and courage to get out of a self-imposed comfort zone and to stretch my dormant creative and social muscles. My novel hasn’t been published yet, and James Brolin hasn’t left Barbra Streisand for me (not a Sydney prediction), but life is again in Technicolor, not shades of gray. I salute her!

Mary-David Sheiner
November 19, 2004


2) Finding a Lost Cat

Morgan the cat had been missing for over 14 hours. It was very unlike her, because she always stayed very close to her home and to her owners who lived in San Pedro, CA. I called Sydney and was very worried. Morgan belongs to my parents. This cat is my mother’s pride and joy. I wanted to know if Morgan was alive and if Sydney had any idea of her whereabouts. Sydney went into a psychic trance and saw that Morgan was alive, but trapped somewhere near my parents’ house. I was speaking to Sydney on my cell phone as I drove frantically with my sister Lisa from my home in Santa Monica to my parent’s house in San Pedro to help search for Morgan. Sydney reassured me that Morgan was alive. She saw my parents’ backyard when she was in trance and described everything to me in great detail - from the types of fruit trees in the yard to the location of the gate and fence. This was truly amazing since Sydney had never been to my parents’ house. Sydney told me that it was a waste of time to keep searching the entire neighborhood as my parents had been. My family and I looked for another hour and we were getting anxious and sad. Morgan was nowhere to be found.

Sydney said to me, “Don’t worry Dina, she’ll show up soon.” I asked Sydney what else I could do that night to help move things along and she replied, “Call her name, keep calling her name.” Lisa went into the garage, which was attached to the house in the backyard. Lisa stood silent and called out softly, but firmly, “MOOORRGAAN.” Immediately we heard a cat crying. The cries were coming from a tool cabinet in the garage. The cabinet was blocked by a mattress that was leaning up against it. IT WAS MORGAN!!

How did Morgan get locked up in that tool cabinet? My parents were in the process of remodeling their home. They had taken all of the furniture out of one of the bedrooms and placed it in the garage. Morgan had been really upset by all of the contractors who were constantly coming and going and how this commotion disrupted her daily routine. That hot June day, when the workers were all there, she ran and hid in the tool cabinet to seek refuge. Some of the workmen had placed the mattress in front of the cabinet, not knowing that there was a cat hiding in it. Morgan had been trapped all that time by the mattress. Immediately my father pulled the mattress away from the cabinet and opened the door. Out ran Morgan, shaken up, but very much alive. It was truly a miracle. Sydney found our cat and saved her life. We are forever grateful to her because of this.

Dina Marovich
Santa Monica, CA
June 11, 2003


3) Crime Solving By M. Sydney

Sydney has been a good friend of mine since 1978. We also have daughters the same age that went to school together. This summer I had a baby shower at my house for my daughter Lori, and of course invited Sydney and her daughter Mandy. Lori had a large guest list of friends from work, friends from high school, relatives, family friends and children of all ages.

It was a warm day and the shower was set up by the pool in the back yard. We played shower games (against everyone’s wishes) and because there were so many guests, opening gifts took a very long time. All was well and it was good to see everyone.

The next day I was getting ready and I could not find my Movado watch (normally on the bathroom counter). Well I just figured it was somewhere, then I wanted to put on my Omega necklace (normally in my jewelry box) and it was not in its normal place. And then I really started looking through my jewelry box and found many pieces missing. So I called my daughter, she called her Mother-in-law to see if she saw anything unusual and she said, “I did not want to say anything, but I had just went to the ATM before the shower and that money is gone, along with a gift card to Nordstrom.” So we called everyone and found out that money was missing out of several purses. The purses were all in the living room. EMBARRASSING!  Almost sac-religious to have this happen at a baby shower.

When we called Sydney, she immediately said it was that woman with the granddaughter. She was the mother (we’ll call her Mary) of Lori’s best friend from high school and we dreaded that that could be. Early in the day of the shower I was sitting with Sydney and Mandy and Mary came up and was asking insignificant questions and when she left, Sydney asked me “Who was that?” I said she was Lori’s friend’s mother, “she is loony and dresses odd but is harmless.” Ha!  She was also in the process of getting a divorce.

Sydney kept telling me it was her and the stuff was at her boyfriend’s house and they are probably going to sell it for drugs. We called the police and made a report. When it got back to Lori’s friend and her dad that the police were investigating and Mary was the only suspect, they really got on Mary and she finally confessed and she brought it all back. The jewelry had been at the boyfriend’s house and Mary agreed to go to drug rehab. We would have never guessed it to be, but Sydney kept saying, “Believe me, it is her.” She kept calling me everyday to make sure I kept on it, because if they had sold the stolen goods, it would have been too late.

Donna Marincovich
Brea, CA
November 15, 2004


4) The Hairbrush Story

My mother had died about six months prior to this incident. Before she passed away, she gave me an ivory-handled hairbrush she had for over 30 years. She used it everyday for my entire life. I cherished that she gave me this very personal item – and also began using it everyday. It was incredibly special to me. Shortly after she died I had to go to New York for work. As I ran out of the hotel room, I threw the brush on the unmade bed and left. The next day I couldn’t find it anywhere – and surmised that the cleaning staff swept it up with the white bed sheets, not even noticing. I called the hotel, looked everywhere, but it was gone. I felt awful – feeling completely irresponsible that my mother had this brush for so long, and I can’t hang onto it for a few months. Also, she chose to give it to me, one of her three daughters, and I lost it. She clearly made the wrong choice in my mind. I had let her down.

In my reading with Sydney months later, she told me my mother was there and she wanted to tell me something. I was still somewhat skeptical – yet curious. Sydney said, “She is here, holding up a hairbrush, saying, ‘Don’t worry about it, it’s just a brush, let it go!’” At that moment I felt such an overwhelming feeling that my mother was there and forgave me. It helped so much.

That is the kind of thing Sydney’s reading does for me…she is like hours of best therapy in the world, rolled into 60 minutes. By seeing what is painful in her clients, things they never share with anyone but don’t hide from their psychic, she can help heal them in ways nothing else could.

Marti Browning
Los Angeles, CA
November 19, 2004


5) A Love Affair Explained

Sydney has been extremely helpful to me in my daily life. I had been in a four year relationship with a married woman who had promised me that she would leave her husband. In the very beginning, Sydney was able to tell me things about her that I didn’t even know and later discovered that they were true. For example, Sydney was able to describe her physically and she knew that the woman loved artichokes. Sydney told me that she would never leave and that the reason would be because of her young son. Sydney was exactly right.

New York, NY
November 18, 2004


6) Connecting With Loved Ones in Unexpected Ways

I’d like to relay a few amazing and wonderful stories about readings I’ve had with Sydney over the years.

The first time I heard of Sydney was a woman in my office at the time. Her mom had just died suddenly and she was grief-stricken with a young daughter. She and her daughter had taken a blue helium balloon, written, “We miss you” on it and released it to the skies as a gesture to her mom. When she had a reading with Sydney a few days later, Sydney started the reading by telling her that mom appreciated the balloon. That story from my friend told me all I needed to know about the quality of a reading with Sydney.

I called Sydney a few days later and had my first reading. My grandfather, whom I was very close to, had recently died. When I called Sydney for my reading, she went into trance for several minutes then when she began to speak to me the first thing she said was that my grandfather was there with us and he was holding flowers…she asked me if this meant anything to me. It didn’t immediately mean anything special and I told her so. She went back to him and came back and said, “He says to tell you they are sweet peas.” Wow, that truly stopped my breath. I knew with absolute certainty that she was truly connecting with my grandfather….sweet pea was my nickname from my grandpa my whole life…he grew them in his garden and called me sweet pea since I was a baby. He was also the only person in the world who called me that. The utter relief and gratitude I felt in knowing my grandpa was “ok” in the place he was …more than that, that he actually “was” still…completely changed my life. It inspired me, a completely cynical atheist, to believe in another layer of reality beyond our physical senses which has made all the difference in the way I live my life. Now I know…there is so much more. It brings tears to my eyes now and goosebumps to my entire being to recall how emotional that first reading was…to really be shown that truth in such an undeniable way was absolutely stunning.

Since that first reading 10 years ago I’ve continued to get readings from Sydney on a regular basis, usually several times a year. I also regularly refer people to her and have never heard anything but glowing reports of how truly good she is. Having had readings with a few others in the years past, I don’t even bother with anyone but Sydney anymore. She has helped me with the most mundane (but at the moment important) things like helping me find lost items, to vital career matters. For example, one time she helped me in my law practice to identify a traitor in the office. One of Sydney’s most amazing gifts, one that I simply never doubt its power, is the ability to “look” over at another person and tell you what’s happening with them. Whether they are dead or alive she can connect with them and give you a strong map of what their current story is. She’s done this for me in the midst of family trauma, relationship upheavals, my children’s lives and all of the many transitions I’ve made in my own life. She does it in a way that is full of integrity to the other but tells you what you need to know. Truly mind boggling and powerfully helpful.

I could tell many more Sydney stories…I can tell you with absolute faith and gratitude that there simply is no one like Sydney…she is just that special. And real. And amazing.

November 17, 2004


7) Non-Believers even become hooked on Sydney

I am writing to let you know how much I respect Sydney as a woman, a friend, and lost of all, a psychic. I have never gone to a psychic, nor really believed in them until I recently met Sydney. One reading and I was hooked! She is very sincere, very positive and very enlightening as she does her readings. She has told me many things that have come true, but in particular when I was trying to get my most recent job, she told me there would be a delay before the hiring because of restructuring of the position, but that I would be hired as soon as that was straightened out, and I was. I patiently waited and was so happy when I found out the reason for the delay, exactly as she said!

I have enjoyed her readings tremendously and know that whatever place she ends up, her “public” will be quite lucky to be involved with her.

Sincerely, Michelle Babbitt
Los Angeles, CA
November 17, 2004


8) A Spiritual Medallion

Sydney’s readings have been of enormous help to me, both emotionally and spiritually. Emotionally she helped me understand and therefore get through some extremely difficult times with my children and with a certain relationship. Spiritually, she has given me profound and life changing insights. On a deep level she was able to capture the essence of my experiences, letting me see that there was a spiritual purpose for all that I was experiencing.
Here is my most irrefutable and fun Sydney reading story. A couple of years ago, it was 2002, Sydney told me that she saw Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico all around me. I had never told her, but I had always wanted to visit Taos. She also told me I’d be buying a round medallion and proceeded to describe the piece. This was odd to me because what she described was not my personal taste at all. Soon after the reading, I asked my son, Joseph, then 20, if he’d go with me. My son hates to travel, and especially hates to fly, so I was very surprised when he said yes. Off we went to Taos. I never told anyone, including my son, about the medallion, but while we were in Taos, I kept my eye open for it. We were there for three days, and visited many of the galleries. After the third day, Joseph and I were heading back to Santa Fe, then to the airport. He had fallen asleep and so I decided to take a detour and find a gallery I had been told of, that was on route to Santa Fe. Somehow or another I turned into a gallery, which turned out not to be the one I was looking to find. Joseph, now awake, went in with me. I was looking at something for my daughters when he walked up to me with the medallion of Sydney’s description and said, “I don’t know why, but I need to buy this.” My response was, “no, I apparently need to buy it for you”, and did.

I have sent many of friends to Sydney and all have been extremely pleased, excited and as fascinated by her readings as I am. I also appreciated this opportunity to, in a very small way; repay Sydney for all the help her readings have provided over the years.

Marguerite Hardisty
Los Angeles, CA
November 19, 2004